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Metameta in a bret easton ellis interview

I’m a fan of Bret Easton Ellis. Some of his work a lot more than others, but on the whole certainly a fan. So caught my eye with this b.e.e. interview about the new followup to Less Than Zero, Imperial Bedrooms. Not sure I’m going to get the chance to read Imperial Bedrooms any time soon, but throughout the interview I was distracted with the idea of how oddly meta it would be of RDjr to star in another film adaptation of a book that incorporates the first book and film as somewhat unauthorized adaptations (not to mention RDjr’s brilliant, tragic performance as Julian itself ) as fictional elements. A brain breaking miasma of art vs. life vs. art vs. art.

Also, he also drops some screenwriting talk and the obligatory Raymond Chandler reference. I wonder if b.e.e. has listened to any Bloc Party