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mind wanderings

It struck me today that I recall that Jan 11th my childhood friend, Valerie’s birthday. I havening seen Val in God knows how many years. I think I ran across her in the mall once when I was in college, but at home for the Hols, so I don’t know why it is that it sticks in my head. I almost always remember that 1/11 is Val’s birthday. Child-brain cement I guess. Happy Birthday to Val, where’er she may be and I hope all is well. It makes me feel guilty because I tend to forget other friends’ birthdays. Like J, whose birthday is the 9th which just ALSO happens to be fictional character Severus Snape’s birthday. Both of which I blanked on this year. Happy birthday to both J and Snape, even if it’s a little late.

Last night was a killer episode of HOUSE which I’ve learned was written by a friend of a friend. It also featured a kiss. So citing some theorhetical physics that would be waaaay too complicated to explain in this brief update, you might say that I am somehow microscopically involved with Hugh Laurie’s lips. Yes. I would say that. And no, I am not too preoccupied with them, thank you very much.
LOST is back tonight and I am very very happy. Locke and Crew. The Locke show. Whatever. Needless to say I’ll probably be back to rant about it later.