Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.

my hearing is bad, but…

Well last night I was disappointed to find my regular Sunday evening programming interrupted by the President. Mostly because it was a new Family Guy, but to be honest most of the President’s speeches end up being more incredible and hilarious than anything on broadcast TV. I was still annoyed though. So I watch for part of it when the whole gist of the thing became clear as another backpeddling effort. In fact all these announcements and blame acceptances and all this crap that’s been coming from the White House lately just reeks as some sort of salvage operation. It doesn’t feel sincere, because it’s taken so long for them to come out and say it, and at this point I don’t want to hear it. Especially if you’re going to qualify every single concession- “Well, I was wrong. But at the time I was really sure I was right, and even though I was wrong, I still think we’re still in the right, cuz we’re Merika, and by me even admitting I was wrong, see, now I’m even MORE right!”

Which brings me to my other point. Merika? MERIKA?! I was really sure I misheard that part, only to find the Intarwebs abuzz with it this morning. Dude. I understand if you failed speech and articulation in college, I understand that accents and pronunciation differ from state to state, and I even understand that he probably wanted to get through that damn speech as fast as possible, but if you cannot pronounce ‘America’ perhaps you could just say ‘the United States’. I am stupifed.