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power's back

Bandwidth monster knocked me offline for a few hours, so if you by some chance came looking for my gloating over this weekend’s games, and found some funky german 404, then please accept my apologies. I will now commence gloating:
Steelers man. I don’t care what you say about that last FG attempt, it was their game. They wanted it. They got it. Despite the fix being in, which I think everyone can agree upon. You know and it’s not even just the Bettis thing, the Steelers are one of the most entertaining teams to watch in the NFL, bar none. They come out there and run plays people laugh at, but where are they now? In the record books for being the first no. 6 seed to beat a no. 1 and advance. Say whatever you want, you bunch of whiners, my XL is now locked- Steelers vs. Panthers in Detroit.
Hung out at Cory’s on the weekend, he’s getting geared up to lock himself away for another semester, but it’s always fun and relaxing down Gville way. He doesn’t do much football, but that’s what the post-season is for, the best of the best and some heartstopping matchups. ( Meanwhile I was just oscillating between joy and fury during that last quarter. It was nutso.
Didn’t watch the Golden Globes, am a little lukewarm this year on most of the comps just because I don’t have any huge favorites to root for. Am however curious about what Harrison for was drinking. ( Gin and tonic perhaps? Mmmm. I need to buy some tonic when I head home tonight. Also apparently there was a cut to Zach Braff as Mr. Ford was coming on stage ( and he looks so angry. Maybe worry about the spoof of Raiders of the Lost Ark that was in this week’s episode of Scrubs. Speaking of Scrubs, little Jack is soooooooooooo cute.
Added Max to the blogroll as she has now fallen prey to the evils of the blog thanks to Pooks. Such is the world these days.
Competition-time creeping up like the malicious LOST-beast that it is. I would appreciate it if all associates would enforce physical violence to my person in general as a motivation technique. You know, not so much The Deer Hunter, but something along the lines of An Officer and a Gentleman. (Louis Gossett Jr rocks!)
Speaking of LOST, I really enjoyed Echo’s episode up until the Island monster bit. Vibed of shark jump. But I gave this week a look, still pretty strong, but Locke hasn’t effused his badass-ness in a while. Also I hate Charlie. Michael’s gone off the deep end, and whatever, good for him, the psycho, but Charlie annoys me. So much that I don’t even feel the need to explain.
That’s it for me, I do have a new obsession to rant about, but it’s going to take a full post here shortly and I want to general some evidence to present with it. Whenever I get around to it.