Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.


The internet takes me to strange and interesting places sometimes. Places often best left unseen. And it makes me wonder if I haven’t somehow completely eradicated my sense of good taste. But as I often feel the need to harp on about here blogside, my tastes are questionable. I like JAWS 3-D, and that’s been around longer than Internets. So yeah, more evidence that I probably never had a sense of good taste. It’s good that I collect these here because I’m certain it’ll get me into trouble someday. Not that such a collection might exonerate me or anything, just know that I understand that you’re thinking “Wtf, Nicolle?!”

I don’t know, man. I don’t know.

Tonight, I found myself reading “Prelude to a Super Airplane” not quite certain whether I found it loathsome, or awesome.  So I kept reading. Thought about stopping. Skipped some pages. Admired the page layout. Read some more. Then I hit this bit:

(His co-airplane-driver, an aspiring scientist named Markush Von Vendervan, was supposed to be doing these calculations, 18 but he was currently having visions of what he would later say was his “scientific destiny”.)

and I thought, Well, to hell with it, I gotta finish it now. I mean, I feel obligated in a way, I read Heart Breaking Work, hell, I read Danielewski’s Only Revolutions. This is kinda like those and the movie SPEED. And/or Chuck Norris. And JAWS- the chapter font somehow reminds me of JAWS.

So check it out if you like airplanes!