Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.


Ein bischen krank jetzt. Das passt mir nicht in den Kram.

So anyway, I’m drinking Tea and OJ alternately trying to irradiate the sore throat with pain! Tonight I switch to Gin. Gin makes a man mean!
Today I came to work and there were presents on my desk. Which is great, presents are great. But I’m broke, and I didn’t get any presents for anyone here. Now I feel bad. Do I get presents and put them in the mail boxes for after everyone returns? Or do I just play it straight through and hope my Scroogeness gets overshadowed by my inability to meet the dress-code? I don’t dislike the people here, but I’m stiffing some of my family even. Dollar Tree? Cheap = bad. Woe is me. Advise me oh Christmas Spirits!