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something to read

Simply Scripts posted a link to the Coen’s No Country for Old Men today- thanks much to ‘You know, for Kids’ sharing this as it’s one of my most anticipated flicks right now. Big recommend if you haven’t read the novel- hell, big recommend no matter what. I’ve always found the Coen’s scripts to be exceptionally visual and well-written. Also, I honestly expect Cormac McCarthy + the Coen Bros to be astounding. The fact that I’ve got a history of fandom with both AND Tommy Lee Jones, probably means I’ll be a little less sane after viewing the flick, but I have faith it’ll be worthwhile.

I’m not going to finish Script Frenzy. I might manage the 20,000 words by the end of the month, but it’s not going to be a coherent plot and not something I’d force anyone to read. This doesn’t worry me, I’ve been clocking in a lot of pages and developing a lot of the Braxton Frame story- but I’m working on Gallows Gulch at the same time. I don’t count it as a failure though because SF functioned the way I wanted it to- it got me writing when I’d been really bogged down. If I come out of the Summer with two new draft scripts- which I honestly feel on track for- I’ll be happy.