Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.

spring madness

Canes are up 3-2 in the series, so I may eat my words about finishing in 6. Cam is rockin’ what can you say? He will be the superstar of the playoffs if they keep it up, guarenteed. Avas advance, which makes Will happy I’m certain. I’d like to see Philly advance but they’re going to have to get tough to do it. And Jersey- Ritchie and I might have a little problem. I have no frigging clue what’s going on in the Western Confrence other than the Avas. Hopefully what I don’t know won’t hurt me.

Cubs are completely ineffective against the Brewers. Zambrano! *sigh* Todd Walker has a chance to do something really big while Lee is out, he’s got an okay average coming out of the Mil series, and I dunno why, but I’m just feeling a vibe. We need all the good vibes we can get. So, playing the Pirates tonight and tomorrow, and dear God in heaven if they can’t get two wins out of that I’m gonna just cry.
Mets win two more this weekend, AGAINST ATL! Not a sweep, but still, buuuurn. My god, inferno, baby! Today I pick RFer Xavier Nady as my name drop cause he’s come out of April with a nice .311 BA, and he has that totally cool name. Those wacky kids from UC Berkley.
Cinny has a pretty calm looking May ahead of them, if they can get past St. Louis today and tomorrow. If they do, they’ll be sitting at the top of the Central, and you know, if the Cubs gotta be down and out, anyone but effing St. Louis. That’s right La Russa, I said it! Heather, you can tell Brad I’m sorry, but I’m serious- ANYONE BUT ST. LOUIS (or the Yankees, or Atlanta).
All right, I’m cool, really. *deep breaths* It’s just that baseball goes right to my brain and I get that spring madness. It’ll pass once all hope for the Cubs’ season has died in a fire.
In other news thanks for everyone that read N&D, listened to me rant about N&D or was even vaguely aware that was writing something that may or may not have been a screenplay. Contest deadline being today, N&D is in the mail, and completely out of my hands now. Austin comes up on the 15th and I’ll likely enter the same draft, and that shall be end chapter. What I really feel the need to do now is move ahead on another angle of the profession front, and start throwing some query letters out, try and get read, no matter how the contest results turn out, and like I said draft The Laugh Dance since it’s similar genre. Keep writing and step up the game- that delusion of progress. I will continue to distract myself with NHL playoffs, MLB, and my computer games to keep my mind off the results of aforementioned contests. Maybe even get back out to the driving range as the weather has been sufficiant lately, if the geekdom will allow.
Oh and by the way, if you didn’t hear about Steven Colbert’s turn as MC at the White House Press Corps thingee, do yourself a favor and hit Youtube. Titanium balls!