Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.

Stephen Fry now appearing in my bedroom.

Maybe it was the Queen’s visit to the States, maybe it was that I couldn’t stop listening to Bloc Party and Muse. It probably had a lot to do with the Doctor Who. And I even went out of my way to buy some Marmalade this weekend when I already had one kind in my fridge. I’m drinking tea right now, Irish Breakfast if you’re curious. But I’m clearly on some sort of Brit-kick, so be warned.

I will explain the title of the post in a second, but I want to comment on last night’s HOUSE, episode 3×22 ‘Resignation’, which I felt was again in top form. This season has had some phenominal episodes, Son of Coma Guy, Informed Consent, but the March-April plots were doing nothing for me and the characterization really felt flat. Last week and this week really pulled me back in with reinforced plot elements and backstory- and but damn Wilson cracked out on speed was hilarious. The wink ALONE was worth a million dollars. So brilliant. A lot of sharp dialogue and gasp! Progression in House himself. Wonders never cease. A few things really stick out- Cameron waltzing up into House’s pad, intentionally familiar in what I suppose is the writers trying to explode a few brains out there. I also want to give Foreman hugs. They’ve done a great job over the course of the entire show priming him for this realization and I love it’s getting stretched and played between both House and Foreman, but diffusing through other character reactions. Some very nice emotional structure here and good writing. Love.

Meanwhile re: last post title, I am completely cracked out on Doctor Who now. It doesn’t fail- because BSG goes off the air and then DW comes on in March, so the obsession train keeps on rolling. But it’s off this weekend, so I’m going to show Megan and Jeremy the first two series, last weekend I showed Cory and Mary a few. Which is typical- I insist on sharing the awesome. I’m a plague carrier as far as television goes. It gets a recommend, least of all because David Tennant is exceptionally nice to look at.

So Stephen Fry. Yes. I don’t know how I missed this, but BoingBoing dutifully informed me this morning that I can get an Stephen Fry alarmclock and dear God help me, I need it! Not only that, but the makers released the samples via CreativeCommons, so if you navigate to the ‘Downloads’ section of their website you can download your own Stephen Fry wake-up sounds for phone, computer, whatever. The Good Morning Madam ones- all of them actually are hilarious. And I can scarcely imagine a better way to wake up without possibly facing criminal charges.