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stop screwing with me!

Arrrg! I’m not so much happy about this: The sequel to Batman Begins could become an Australian affair now that Hugo Weaving and Hugh Jackman are in the running to play villains. The two Aussie movie stars are the latest names linked to play The Joker and Harvey ‘Two Face’ Dent in the upcoming superhero adventure, according to Producers are yet to nail down a firm list of candidates for Two-Face, but Firewall star Paul Bettany and another Aussie, Lachy Hulme, are reportedly being considered for the role of The Joker. Can we stay away from my favorite characters please? And isn’t it some sort of space time continuum impossibility to have the actor playing Marvel’s Wolverine also play DC’s Harvey Dent? Huh?! Isn’t it? Damn you! Just stop screwing with my childhood joys! Hugo wouldn’t be too bad, but age-wise he seems off. Harv should be closer to Bruce’s age, or midway between Bruce and Jim. Gah! No matter how much I demanded that the next Batman movie be The Long Halloween or Dark Victory, now that we’re even edging toward that I feel HORROR! Here’s hoping I over react.