Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.

This secret identity is killing me.

No Nicholl Fellowship finals for me this year, but happy enough to finish out with a Top 30 note. That’s the .475% percentile if you want to get all mathematically anal about it.

Plenty of other distractions in the mix right now, Hopscotch was completely off the hook. So rock and roll. Everyone please remember not to buy cheap rum just because it comes with a free shot glass. Can’t wait to hear next year’s lineup.

Baseball is in the home stretch now, if the Cubs could just refrain from screwing things up with my post-season alternatives. Gotta have someone to pull for in October. Hockey, Football and etcs as well.

Film editing. Oh yeah, that. It’s occurring I guess? Not a lot to say about it. After so many gigabytes it just becomes this incoherent pseudo-concept. At least we gots music.