Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.

Took a break from screenwriting…

…only to have screenwriting decide it didn’t want wanna wait for me. New job is a lot of projects at a lot more sustained pace than the old gig. Good, but I still haven’t completely gotten into my comfort zone so there’s still the sense of highwire sans net. Not having a paycheck until the end of the month is adding to that, especially when friends keep waving new iPhones and televisions and computers in my face.
So of course now is when but some sadistic ripple of the universe gives me a chance to maybe, (infinitesimal odds on that maybe, btw), possibly show someone a few pages. Perhaps even something I’ve actually written! Not that any of it’s fit for human consumption right now.

Writing, laundry, iron & reading before bed. Meetings Mon-Thur@ work this week. Talk Like a Pirate Day Friday 9/19. ECU vs. NCSU Saturday 9/20. Arrrrrgh.