Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.

where the party at?

Betsy and her craziness has a new website (which I helped her with minutely) over at with all the infos on the NYC party scene. Not being in NYC, I can’t much take advantage, but it’s fun to live vicariously through that crazy hoor, whom I have nothing but affection for. She also has some infos up about cool music, which I can take advantage of, such as her mention of Belle and Sabastian, who do indeed rock. I need to get around to catching one of their shows if I ever get some free time.
Also of note is that Megan and Jeremy and myself went to Tommy Lee Jones’ The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada and I have to say, I’ve kinda been a little embarassed by my love of Mr. J for a while lately, but he’s got himself a nice little film. It’s sorta creepy, and full of really disturbing imagery, and left me thinking something is indeed mentally wrong with him, but I liked it. Nicely crafted. Gritty but at the same time sort of ethereal, or sublime. Good performances all around, but I still get the impression TLJ has stopped really consciously ‘acting’. He does this thing now, and it really was after US Marshals when I started to notice, but it’s so conservative and veiled. It’s off-putting, but for Pete Perkins, it was perfect, because the guy is just there. I might do a deeper review because I really was looking forward to it, and it’s a really nice film. Definitely merits some examination- which I can’t say for most of the stuff I’ve been catching lately. Whim, baby.

I cut, designed and produced a DVD in three days at work. Day three was spent animating some map zoom dealie which almost killed me. I haven’t used Flash in 3 years. It’s done, and it’s something for three days, but ugh. Those were some long ass days. Not so much fun, but I haven’t edited jack since I got out of college, so it’s something. I don’t really have an inherent talent for editing, I don’t think. Really good editing takes a lot of effort, or a lot of talent, and I’m stretched so thin I haven’t been able to train up that skill set. Not to mention my ‘eye’ has suffered in the gap as well. Don’t know if I had realized that before, but I need to get back into practice and sharpen those up. I’m going to dust off the old Bolex and shoot something, but I need to order some Double8 cause no one sells that stuff. Anywhere. Then it’s gotta be all transferred, which ain’t too bad these days. Anyway, that’s something I want to do if I can find the time.
But most of it is going to el scripto mania right now, since May is coming up. Gonna skip Blue Kat this year and just get N&D in good clean shape for the others. Feels like it’s got a hint of substance for once. Can always use another reader, though, so hit me up if you’re willing.