Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.

Why do I even watch? It just makes me crazy.

So I caught part of Criminal Minds inadventantly Wednesday night. I flipped through and Patinkin was dancing and cooking, and my mind just stopped working altogether at that point.
Mandy Patinkin is my kryptonite. Some dude killed somebody and there was a horribly stupid version of an online RPG that made all gamers who enjoy such things come across as ditzy, irresponsible and completely brain dead (who the fuck plays MMORPGs at work- especially some place as potentially security minded, as, oh, I don’t know the FBI!? Wtf.)

Anyway. The show hasn’t improved noticably. The cast is okay, but is still hurts to watch, cause it’s- just… not good. It is not good. Cliche. Lack of tension. Melodrama. Stuff I usually really ENJOY- just executed poorly. At one point Mandy Patinkin’s character had a little freak out- so I guess my assessment that he’s not all that sane from the first few episodes I caught is still spot on and unchanged, undeveloped and unaddressed- I thought he was going to waste himself. Had he killed himself it would have been awesome! It’s like the only redemption for the character, just invest in your madness and paint the wall with brains! That I could totally get into. But he didn’t. Blah. Boring.

On another network another favorite of mine is starting a new show-
Timothy Hutton in Kidnapped – which is supposed to be something like 24 with a season long plot meets Without a Trace. Which sound kinda okay- neither of those shows is horribly bad, so doesn’t detract from it. But on top of the points it scores for having Timothy Hutton is the fact that the pilot is written by Jason Smilovic who I’ve anchored in my head because of Lucky Number Slevin. (And somewhat cause he did the TV adapt of Out of Sight- which I freaking love- Elmore Leonard’s Characters are the mold for awesome). Slevin was thrown my way before the movie came out – it made Quarters of the Nicholl Fellowship a few years back if I’m not mistaken – because it was apparently similar in tone for what I was angling with in Nickel & Dime. So, like, you know, not at all related to me in anyway, except obscure tangents that I picked up on Smilovic way back before last Summer. And now here he is again. So I may in fact have to catch this. If it’s any good, I’ll probably be obsessed. Expect overly obsessive commentary of Pilot sometime next week.