Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.

With much activity, don't forget your towel.

Tomorrow, May 25 is Towel Day and I encourage anyone who stumbles over these words to pull out your favorite towel and carry it around with you where ever you go. Towels, you may or may not be aware of are the Universe’s most dynamic and useful tool! All good froods know exactly where their towel is all at times. I’m planning on buying a new, exceptional towel just for the event!

As it happens I’ll be going to Greenville for my long awaited Pirates of the Carribbean: At Worlds End viewing. Thus far I’ve managed to avoid any major plot spoilers, previews and promos. Which was a feat since I had the script on my computer for the better part of six months, and have had to be on my toes during primetime television. The last couple of days have been trying simply because spoilers leak out everywhere and the word is really getting out. I read a few little non specific blurbs from the reviews, and it seems that aside from the 8.6 the film is sporting over at, reactions are pretty mixed. Not much different from Dead Man’s Chest, which I really liked for the extensive setups, something audiences seemed mixed about. If @WE is the same I expect I’ll love it passionately. I was actually planning on geeking out major for the opening, but time and work got the better of me and all I ended up to show was a scraggly head of hair which hasn’t been trimmed in 8 months and a real pirate sword that I won’t be allowed to take into the theater anyway. But in the interest of not rolling out of a Ren-faire style (and therefor completely abandoning my thin facade of sanity) it may be for the best.

TV- LOST’s finale culminated in a moment of John Locke badassery so I was happy, if not a little whiplashed. I’m still not scraping the numbers off my car window and throwing out my Dharma tees though.  NCIS is getting a little thin. HOUSE remains to be seen.

Other stuff: Script Frenzy will be starting soon and I think I’m building up a good amount of steam for it. Just need a title and over arching theme. The characters are bouncing around in my head, and the plots is niggling here and there- but I’m up for suggestions.  For anything really, food, music, reading. If you’ve got something cool turn me on to it already.