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Won’t you be my neighbor?

Unfortunately, I’m going to miss the Full Frame this year, but this was the doc I was most hoping to catch. Full Frame usually has me in tears repeatedly throughout the weekend, and just the music cues on this trailer were enough to prime the waterworks. If there’s a single American hero we need now more than ever, it’s Fred Rogers. I hope to get another chance to see this doc soon.

While I love volunteering at Full Frame and switching jobs every year (not so much the ballot counts tho), I held off registering for the Volunteer gig again because I knew we’d be in the midst of shooting Merit Badges, and everything else is on pause until we wrap that shooting (which we’re in the middle of at this precise moment). If the weather holds I should actually be free that weekend, but I’m gonna try and grab some down time off-grid shooting some more pictures and trout fishing before jumping into post production. Also I’ll probably try and rewatch The Good Place seasons 1 & 2 again, because three repeat viewings in the last five weeks hasn’t been enough, tbh. It’s my on-going crack rn.

All that said, production on Merit Badges is going great and I’m dying to knock out the rest of these shooting days. For anyone reading the blog who has worked or pitched in on the project, and thinks maybe I’m not utterly stoked about everything so far, please disregard any sullen silence or contorted grimace– that’s just my dumb globular face. I am, in reality, floored and eternally grateful. BTS stuff soon! 😘