Circumstantial flummery from a would-be spoonbean hustler.

you people are screwing with my hermitage

So busy. This, accompanying pages and pages was the weekend before last:

Mmmm, Paul Newman. Ocean’s 13 is hiding under that Lupin III disk, excellent pairing fyi. The Doctor Who disk is season 24 & 25, which I like to have running around 4AM when I abandon the french press for Coke liquid candy. The Ashes to Ashes has now become a compulsion. Last night I watched it again while reading the script. Matthew Graham is just butter. Delicious, awesome, steal-worthy, hate-inducing butter. Why yes, Gene Hunt + angst does addle my brain, phaseolus limensis. (Angst more so in the first script than the episode itself, but my mouth waters for new episodes). Untouchables after Fear & Loathing was hysterical deluxe awesome. Nominations for this weekend are now open if you’d like to leave a comment…

Week was dedicated to pages, realizations, more pages.

Past weekend was lost to people, booze and party-like activities. I’m having trouble remembering exactly what went down, except that Bart will never construct a functional computer and Cory brought some season 2 LOST and I got to watch some proto-Locke, Swan Hatch action. Cowboy Bebop was in there. Also there’s a hole in my floor now, bastards. So much for knuckling down…

Here, we see Baby Fritz does not suffer fools:

Pushing onward though.