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You know it’s odd, for someone who likes to talk as much as I do, you would think I could update my blog a little more. I suspect the problem is that I have too much to say, because if I didn’t limit myself to a few single topics when posting, the blog would appear to be pretty schizophrenic. Which, in looking back at the last 10 posts or so, it still manages to be. I do try and keep posts more to the media/culture/movies crap that rattles around in my head, but I often get distracted when typing these things up so there’s no telli–

FUCK YES, for more Robert DeNiro! I don’t know what it is, but since the beginning of summer 2007 I’ve distinctly coveted regular exposure to the Almighty Bob. I mean I have plenty of the hefty DeNiro on the shelf, but it was somehow not enough. I didn’t care about plot, or the rotten factor- I just needed to see DeNiro doing his thing. This was 80% of the reason I went to see STARDUST and subsequently 90% of why I’ll probably buy it at some point. (Because that shit was absolutely hilarious, also hawt.) So this morning when I found the trailer for Righteous Kill it kicked that compulsive watch-DeNiro vibe up a notch. At any rate it’s Pacino + DeNiro so I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to catch this flick. Check out the Trailer at /film.

Elsewhere in the world the WGA has gone on strike. This concerns me much in the same way that David Bowie’s shenanigans tend to be a concern for the Monarch. Which is to say, vague and perhaps entirely fictional. All the same I may have some future comments as things drag on. Right now if you’re interested there’s plenty of blog & news action going on so if you don’t understand the situation completely I suggest you google that shit.

私は日本語を今学んでいるが、それは全別のレベルの精神異常である。 == watashi ha nihongo wo ima manan deiruga , soreha zen betsuno reberu no seishin ijou dearu . == I leaf Japanese language wo living room manan deiruga, soreha before betsuno level of vibration control malfunction to be.

The above was supposed to be more along the lines of ‘I’m learning Japanese now, but that’s insanity on a whole different level,’ but because I fail, we’ll just go with ‘Nihongo ga sukoshi wakaremasu, demo mata jozhou ja arimasen.’ Although something about ‘vibration control malfunction’ seems much more appropriate.